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Monday, May 16, 2011


Lucky Lefty ran out of luck last Thursday. Having survived a crinked neck at birth, dehydration from crawling into a heating vent, parvo-virus and a stroke, all before she was four months old, she lived four years as a "puppy" in a full grown body. Sweet tempered, loving and loved she was beginning to age rapidly when she caught the virus that is troubling a lot of the dogs in the area. She couldn't fight any more and peacefully went to sleep never to awaken again. Much loved and much missed, she frolics with the others at the Rainbow Bridge.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

the trials and tribulations of a lovecraftian character

Yep, that's a mouthful. dragon is thinking tentacles again. I love tentacles. Now, if I can just get the protagonist admitted to the hospital through the right door ...

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Desert Blood

Not that the plot for this is bad, I just can't figure out how to get the POV straightened out. Sigh.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Why a character would want to be a character ...

http://talysmana.com"><b>TalysMana.com Be A Character In TalysMana
Contest Entry

Why do I want to be a character in someone else’s story? Well, I already am a character in my own life. I recreate myself periodically (usually hair color, most of which belong in the Journal of Irreproducible Results). I have written since I was 12. I’m old enough to know better now, but that hasn’t stopped me. I create worlds and then forget what I set out to do in them. (I had a partner in crime on storytelling/universe spinning, but we gave it up because … well, we ran out of compatible worlds. Mine have dark hopes and she doesn’t like demons, even friendly ones. Or tentacles.)

Why do I write? I can’t help myself. I’m a “what if” person. Some people might regard this as unfortunate since this means I write a lot of fan fiction for no profit other than the occasional pat on the back. I like plot holes. I like online teaching and created a syllabus and several modules for a practicum about how to critique … you guessed it, fan fiction. Not that the ideas couldn’t apply to other critiquing, but a lot of us are far closer to our fan fiction writers than we will ever be to our favorite professionals. (Yeah, we gawp at the pros; those brilliant, creative world builders whose works we love and will never, ever be able to emulate. What we’re supposed to be ourselves? That’ll never fly. Laughter)

I helped create a trio of devastatingly individual kids. The eldest writes on Gaia, mods creations for people, and does original art work. She’s an anime kid whose hair changes color with the wind and who is steadily progressing toward producing her own animation vids. She draws with dangerous Japanese flair. The youngest girl made me a grandmother in December. She’s into make-up … not the facial kind, the movie kind. (OK, there are faces involved here, but body parts and prostheses as well.) My son creates food. Just not in my kitchen. (Bad kitchen.)

Mostly, I like to tell stories and entertain people. I work the front desk for a Division of a Community College. I keep our students informed and entertained, I try to keep it light and help them do so. Finding out your financial aid isn’t available and you’ve missed a hoop to jump through is deflating, disturbing and downright tear inducing sometimes. My job is to point them in the right direction, use my vast store of academia lore to steer them to shore and help them out, as much as I can. It’s not a job, it’s an adventure. (1961) ß academic talk for that’s copyright the US military, I am not plagiarizing it! (Actually, I think it falls under the fair use doctrine.)

I have previously been horribly mutilated and killed in a fan fic story under an assumed fan name. So I have experience in these things! I was very out of character for that one.

The rotund, black clad, high heeled boot wearing, Year of the Dragon grand mom that I am is not fond of pictures being taken of same. (I had to avoid a professional photographer this weekend due to my phobia.) Descriptively, I am about five and a half feet tall, carry about an 11 year old of extra weight, absolutely adore boots (high heels, low heels, no heels, mid calf to thigh hi … no, I don’t own any of the latter, but I like them), wear fake nails that impede my typing until I shorten them 48 hours later and wear a lot of black in spite of whatever I’ve done to my hair lately (right now, silver whitish to reddish blonde at the ends. Last month red. Six months ago dark brown. Before that, black and around and around we go, where it stops, no one knows. So, pick a color, any color!)

I know what a chibi is (sometimes I am one). And whether I get to be a part of the whirld or not, TalysMana resonates on a level I have had few stories ever hit. I like it, I like the world, I like the concepts, I wanna play … to keep myself busy between classes and work, I think I’ll go play with my plot bunnies. One of which seems to think I need to finish a screen play for my husband to shoot … Crazy? You betcha. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

Online I’m dragon (little d please), in RL I’m Sallie.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Things that bug me about my major

I'm finishing a MA in Education. Curriculum and Instruction to be exact. I think the government is out to drive all teachers crazy. Or maybe they think that because a large percentage of teachers in k-12 educatoin are women, that we don't count somehow. How can someone who has never taught (the Sec. of Ed) tell teachers how to teach? Why do these people think they know how kids learn and what is best for them? Why can't they recognize that not all students are identical, most of them don't respond to the same teaching styles/stimulus and NCLB is insane. There is no way to reach 100% for all students in all fields of study. In fact, it is difficult for a single student to reach 100% on the kind of standardized testing we're using.

Yeah, I know. There are educators who whole heartedly support NCLB. Most of them at schools with little or no cultural diversity in their population. Add 40 kids of a different ethnicity or with special needs, and your pretty little picture disolves. Who decided that 40 individuals decreed a sub-unit? Who was the really bright individual that decided that a student who was special needs should be included in their primary ethnicity as well, thus making sure that the pressure was really on that particular student.

NCLB is not where the future of education in the US should lie. Yes, we need accountability. Yes, we need to ensure that each student is getting the best education we can provide, including whatever tools they need to succeed. But high stakes testing leads to things like the highest rate of suicide among 6 year olds on the planet. (No, not the US yet).

Schools alone cannot take the blame or shoulder the responsibility for the educational situation in the US. Education started as a benefit for the community. The community needs to stop using school as a baby-sitter and start looking at what we really want from our public school system instead of letting the federal government tell us what we want.

so much ranting for today.


Dragon likes to muse. Dragon has a muse ... or 70000. Dragon writes fan fiction and original stuff and enjoys sharing. Dragon also likes to rant, tho' mostly in the car and to herself. This is going to be an outlet. Dragon's fingers don't get as tired typing as they do writing. This is mostly for myself, but if you enjoy it, by all means come along for the ride.